12 Easy and natural steps to overcome period cramps

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PERIOD CRAMPS is one of the most common things we go through every month after puberty. But some of us are lucky enough to not experience it or some of us have slight effects whereas  most of us face it with so much difficulty. While we Google every month to tackle the pain caused by the cramps, to overcome PMS effects and bloating, here is the solution for everything.

Not always you need a doctor to cure period cramps or any tablets, sometimes home remedies precisely kitchen remedies help cure cramps at ease.

Why do you experience cramps during your period?

First,  you need to analyse why we experience period cramps. As we all know, Women are gifted with the ability to give birth. So our body prepares every month to bare the child. Every month??? well, yes!!! our body is designed that way!

Every month, egg released from the ovaries wait for the sperm in the uterus for about a day or so. Meanwhile, uterus prepares the atmosphere to hold the baby. Uterus lining gets thickened to hold the baby and provide nutrition. Once the egg doesn’t see any sperm, it is expelled out along with the lining. The woman’s estrogen and progesterone hormone levels decline, and the lining of the uterus becomes swollen and is eventually shed as the menstrual flow. It is replaced by a new growth of lining during the next monthly cycle.

When the uterine lining begins to break down, molecular compounds called prostaglandins are released. These compounds cause the muscles of the uterus to contract. When the uterine muscles contract, they constrict the blood supply (vasoconstriction) to the endometrium. This contraction blocks the delivery of oxygen to the tissue (which is the reason for the cramps)of the endometrium which, in turn, breaks down and dies. After the death of this tissue, the uterine contractions squeeze the old endometrial tissue through the cervix and out of the body by way of the vagina.

How can you overcome pain caused by period cramps?

  1. A low-fat diet actually decreases overall levels of inflammation in the body. Foods that help ease out period cramps are:
    – Papaya (rich in vitamins)
    – Brown rice (contains vitamin B-6, which may reduce bloating)
    – Walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds (rich in manganese, which eases cramps)
    – Olive oil and broccoli (contain vitamin E)
    – Leafy green vegetables (contain iron, which is lost during menstruation)
    – Flaxseed (contains omega-3s with antioxidant properties, which reduce swelling and inflammation)
  2. Curl Up With a Heating Pad to Ease Period Cramps. Do not sleep with a heated pad as it could cause burns.
  3. Magnesium helps regulate nerve and muscle functioning which help in relieving period cramps. An ounce of dry almonds or one-half cup of boiled spinach each has about 80 mg of magnesium.
  4. Avoid foods that contain caffeine, salt and sweet. Also, try avoiding having processed food( Though you may be tempted !!).
  5. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  6. Massage your lower back and abdomen with essential oil.
  7. Emotional stress can increase the chance of experiencing menstrual cramps.
  8. Vaginal orgasm involves your whole body, including your spinal cord which signals the release of neurotransmitters. A vaginal orgasm can trigger your brain to release neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins can decrease pain perception.
  9. Boron: This mineral helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also reduces menstrual cramps:
    – Avocados
    – Peanut butter
    – Prunes
    – Chickpeas
    – Bananas
  10. Water: It sounds odd, but drinking water keeps your body from retaining water and helps to avoid painful bloating during menstruation. Warm or hot water is usually better for cramps, as hot liquids increase blood flow to your skin and may relax cramped muscles. You can also eat water-based foods to increase your Hydration, including:
    – Lettuce
    – Celery
    – Cucumbers
    – Watermelon
    – Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
  11. Yoga is a gentle exercise which helps not only relieve stress but also releases endorphins and helps prevent or reduce menstrual symptoms. Similarly, few simple exercises ( walking, Floor exercises etc) before your period and slightly less intense exercise during the period helps in actually preventing those period cramps.
  12. Homemade easy remedies:
  • Ginger tea: Grade a small piece of ginger in a glass of water and boil. Later add a green tea bag to this water and have frequently ( as much as twice or thrice a day)
  • Fenugreek in water/ yoghurt: It is one of the ancient Indian practice. Soak fenugreek in water the previous day. Next day morning, drain the fenugreek and drink the extracted water in empty stomach. If you have forgotten to soak fenugreek in water, take yoghurt and sprinkle fenugreek over it and swallow it.

Disclaimer: All the above mentioned are mild and natural methods to overcome period pain. If your periods are causing significant pain, consult your doctors.

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5 Healthy and Easiest Oats Recipes

There are a lot of myths about breakfast. One of the most popular myth is,

“You need to eat your breakfast to lose weight.”

Whether this myth is true or not, I strongly believe that Eating breakfast will make a lot of difference in your diet. Opting healthy breakfast is very important like any other meal.

You are fasting in the night and breaking it in the morning which makes it “Breakfast”. You need at least 12 hours of gap between your dinner and breakfast for the food to get digested properly. Breakfast provides “Fuel” for your body and brain, to kick-start your day with a bang.

Breakfast should contain Calcium, vitamins and minerals along with protein and fibre. I know its hard to always have a check whether your take on these nutrients. But small changes can help you incorporate these into your diet.

Make sure you compliment your breakfast with a glass of milk( Almond milk (any nut milk) is good for those who are aiming to lose weight). Take any kind of fruits(berries are an instant source of fibre which helps in digestion) or fruit juices without sugar. Having fruits not only keeps you full until your next meal but are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Make sure to take a lot of protein in your breakfast than in your lunch or dinner as proteins take a longer time to digest. Taking it in the early part of the day helps your body to digest completely.

Here are few healthy breakfast recipes you can try at home at ease.

Recipe 1: Cold press chocolate oat bites

Ingredients :

Milk(Almond milk preferably) – 2 cups
Natural Honey/Agave- 2 tbsp
Oats/Granola- 2 cups
Unsweetened peanut butter- 2 tbsp
Unsweetened cocoa powder- 2 tbsp
Crushed walnuts- 1 cup
Berries of your choice- 1 cup


  • Take a large bowl and add oats, cocoa powder, walnuts and mix well.
  • Take Milk, honey and peanut butter in another bowl and whisk it well until all the ingredients are blended completely.
  • Mix the dry and wet ingredients.
  • You will get a thick batter. Add the thick batter in the cupcake holder.
  • Top it with the berries of your choice or unsweetened chocolate chips or crushed walnuts and freeze it for overnight

You can have these small oat bites on the go in your busy mornings which is filling and at the same time nutritious.

Recipe 2: Overnight oats in mason jar


Low-fat yoghurt- 1 cups
Oats-  2 cups
Natural honey/Agave- 2 tbsp
Nuts of your choice(preferably walnuts, almond, pine seeds)
Berries of your choice(preferably strawberry and blueberry as they taste really good!)


  • Take a mason jar and add a layer of yoghurt
  • Add a thick layer of oats and 1 tbsp of honey
  • Add a layer of yoghurt
  • Add another thick layer of oats and 1 more tbsp of honey
  • Add final layer of yoghurt and top it with berries and nuts of your choice

Store in your fridge for overnight and mix it well when you are ready to gobble it in the morning.

Recipe 3: Healthy oats pancake (flourless)


Ripe Banana-2(big)
Quick Oats- 2 cups
Eggs-2(preferably omega-3 eggs)
vanilla essence-1 Tsp
Salt – 1 pinch
Chocolate chips/blur berries/ unsweetened cocoa powder- 1 Tbsp/Cinnamon powder- 1 Tsp


  • Smash the ripe banana’s in a bowl and add the eggs
  • Mix it until eggs are well blended and add the oats
  • Add vanilla essence and salt. Now the batter is ready
  • we have 4 different variations according to your taste
    1. You can add cinnamon powder to the batter
    2. You can add unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate chips to the batter
    3. You can add the blueberries to the batter
    4. You can add chocolate chips to the batter
  • Once the whole batter is ready according to your taste, take a small amount of batter using a ladle and pour it into the pan
  • If you have a non-stick pan, you don’t need to add oil

Flip the pancake. Ideally, it should be in brown colour. Pour honey or maple syrup and enjoy healthy breakfast.
Recipe courtesy: Tasty

Recipe 4: Indian style spicy oats pancake

Quick oats- 2 cups
Red chilly – 2
Split green gram(moong dhaal) – 1 cup
curry leaves- few
mustard seeds- few
finely chopped onion- 1 cup
Salt- 1 Tsp( as per your taste you can add further if you want)
Olive oil- 1 Tbsp


  • To prepare the batter, soak oats (in water) in a cup and soak split green gram and red chillies(in water) in another cup for 2 hours at least.
  • After 2 hours, remove the water and grind the oats, split green gram/moong dhaal and chillies in a blender without adding water. The batter should be slightly in thick consistency.
  • Add salt and mix it well.
  • Take a small pan and add Olive oil.
  • Let the oil get heated up and add mustard seeds.
  • Once the mustard seed starts popping out of the pan, add curry leaves and finely chopped onions.
  • Slightly fry and add this to the batter.
  • The batter is now ready. You can very well skip the oil-frying option and opt for the healthy option by adding onions and curry leaves directly into the batter.
  • In the pan, take the batter in a ladle, pour it and spread it fully.
  • Make sure it is slightly thick so that you can flip it easily.
  • While flipping, make sure both sides are slightly in brown colour which ensures that it has cooked well.

You don’t have to leave this batter overnight for fermenting. You can use it immediately after grinding in the blender.

Recipe 5: Oats and dry fruits homemade chocolate

Dates(seeds removed)- 6/7
Raisins- handful
Oats-1 cup
Unsweetened peanut butter- 2 Tbsp
Coconut- 2 Tbsp
Cocoa powder -2 Tbsp
Chia seeds- 1 Tbsp
Extra virgin coconut oil- 1 Tbsp


  • Add all the above ingredients in a food blender and grind it for 3-5 min.
  • Once the mixture is ready, press in a silicon chocolate holder.
  • Top it with some melted dark chocolate.
  • Freeze it overnight.
  • Take the chocolate from the holder and store it in a ziplock for future use.

You can munch this whenever you feel hungry. It is filled with nutrients and energy. Even snack can be made healthy and tasty too!! Enjoy snacking!!

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10 Popular myths about healthy eating

Food Myth #1: Avoid Eggs because of their cholesterol content

Eggs are an inexpensive source of many nutrients, including zinc and iron, antioxidants and zeaxanthin, vitamin D, and the brain-boosting chemical choline.

If you’ve been restricting your breakfast options to an egg-white omelette, you may be suffering needlessly.

Egg yolks have nearly half the protein of an entire egg, plus all the vitamins and minerals and omega 3s.Eggs are low in saturated fat, have no trans-fat and only a small amount of cholesterol. Most of the fat in eggs is the ‘good’ unsaturated fat that keeps you healthy.

Food Myth #2: Organic Food contains more nutrients than their conventional counterparts

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the organic label you see on foods at the supermarket. Legally, foods labelled “organic” must be grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Organic farmers also often follow production practices that are less harmful to the environment and to animal welfare.

However, many people believe that organic products are inherently more nutritious or healthier than their conventional alternatives. Large-scale studies of this topic have shown that it is not true. There is no difference in the amount or quality of the nutrients found in conventional foods versus their organic counterparts.

Food Myth #3: Skipping Breakfast is a Good Way to Cut Calories and Lose Weight Faster

Creating a deficit between the number of calories you consume and the number of calories your body burns is the only way to lose weight. With this in mind, some people rationalize that skipping a meal, usually Breakfast is a good way to cut excess calories. Although breakfast does deliver calories to your body, it also boosts your metabolism, and eating a meal in the morning is associated with weight loss success.

Also skipping breakfast might lead to overeating at the later part of the day. Portion control in every meal is the right way to reduce weight faster rather than skipping the meal.

Eating healthy breakfast is also important. 

Food Myth #4: Fresh Foods Are Always Better than Frozen Alternatives

Frozen fruits and vegetables are flash-frozen within hours of being picked, locking in a majority of the nutrients.During shipping and storage, natural enzymes are released in fresh fruit and vegetables that cause them to lose nutrients.

Unless there is sodium or salt or sodium chloride in the ingredient list, Frozen food is not bad for health.

Food Myth #5: Bread that is brown in colour is healthy 

All brown bread is not healthy as some products have processed white flour with added sugar or colour to get the brown colour. so check for the ingredient list. If the first one in the list says “Enriched bleached flour” then it is mostly same as white bread.

Choose the correct bread! Stay Healthy!!

Food Myth #6: Certain Liquid diet can push out the toxins

No diet can eliminate harmful invaders faster than your built-in clean-up crew (the liver, kidneys, and colon).

Water hydrates the liver and kidneys and encourages toxins to leave the body via urination. However, consumption of excessive water in the name of detoxing can be just plain dangerous. Symptoms of “water intoxication” include a headache, fatigue, vomiting and mental disorientation. Take 6-8 ounces of water throughout the day at regular intervals.

If your goal is to detox your system, don’t waste your time or money. your body is an expert at getting rid of toxins no matter what you eat.

The only type of detox diet that is worthwhile is the one that limits processed, high-fat and sugary foods and replaces them with more whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

Food Myth #7: You have to count calories to lose weight

Eating 100 calories of cupcakes or french fries is not same as eating 100 calories of veggies or brown rice. Stop thinking about the calories you take in, instead start thinking about where you get the calories from. Take in more of vitamins and minerals so that you can drop pounds without obsessing about the calorie count.

Food Myth #8: Eating FAT will make you FAT

We are so afraid of FAT that the moment we see food containing FAT, we avoid it without proper knowledge. Our body needs good FAT. so what is good fat? How is it related to cholesterol in our body?  Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the fat in our blood that our body needs for certain cell functions.This cholesterol when goes high leads to heart disease and stroke which in turn leads to a lot of unnecessary fear about foods that contain cholesterol (eggs, for example).

Cholesterol has a lot more to do with the KINDS of fat (and carbs) you eat, as well as genetics.

Saturated and trans fats have been known to raise cholesterol levels, so it’s important to limit your daily caloric intake from saturated fats to less than 10 % and avoid trans fats entirely.

Unsaturated fats, on the other hand, may actually help lower your blood cholesterol levels. High-fat foods that contain monounsaturated fats (avocados; olive oil; salmon; sardines; and nuts such as peanuts, almonds, and walnuts) can be part of a healthy diet, even for someone watching their cholesterol.

A handful of nuts per day can also help keep your blood vessels healthy and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Its all about the portion you take in the FAT containing food. Completly avoiding is not going to help you reduce your weight or keep you healthy

Food Myth #9: Eating after 6 P.M causes weight gain

It doesn’t matter how late you eat, but rather what you eat. If you eat more calories than your body needs, you will gain weight, even if dinner was at 5 p.m. The problem is, most people who eat late at night are starved and wind up overeating.

Having a very light dinner which will digest easily is the best option to lose weight quickly.

Food Myth #10: Carbs make you FAT

Low-carb diets can help with weight loss. In many cases, this happens even without conscious calorie restriction. As long as the carbs are kept low and protein intake is high, people lose weight.

However, this does not mean that food, high in carbs cause weight gain. “Obesity” is the term, we have been hearing only in the recent times. Our ancestors have had the same carbs and stayed healthy.

The truth is, refined carbs like refined grains and sugar are the ones that cause weight gain, but whole foods that are high in carbs are very healthy.

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10 Tips for Healthy and Clean eating habits

  1. Love Yourself:
    Love your body the way it has been designed.Self-loving is very important to healthy eating.
    Keep weight reducing as a secondary goal.Your first goal is to clean your body by eating healthy food.
  2. Stay away from outside foods:
    95% of the outside food is only junk. Junk food is a pejorative term for food containing high levels of calories from sugar or fat with little fibre, protein, vitamins or minerals.Try to cook at home and eat for most of the times instead of going behind the ready-made outside foods.
  3. Cook your own meals:
    This is one of the best ways to know what you actually eat. Only after I started cooking, I realized what I thought was good for health was actually not.For example. You will know the amount of oil, you are adding to the food and how much you fry your food.Minimize the oil you are adding to the food.Try replacing, vegetable or sunflower oil with Extra Virgin olive oil or Extra virgin coconut oil.This will make a huge difference in terms of cholesterol that gets added to your blood.
  4. Minimize sugars:
    As most of us are unaware of, sugar, especially refined sugar is the killing ingredient in our food.The average person consumes about 24 kilograms (53 lb) of sugar each year, equivalent to over 260 food calories per person, per day.Over-consumption of sugar has been implicated in the occurrence of Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and tooth decay.Sugar interferes with hormones in your body that regulate hunger and satiety.This can lead to increased calorie intake and weight gain.Being a pastry lover, it is hard for me to admit this, but yes it is the hard truth.Best Replacement of sugar would be honey, cane sugar, maple syrup etc. You can eat dates to overcome sweet craving.

  5. Fruits before meals:
    The fibre in fruit can slow the release of food from your stomach.Due to the fibre of fruit, eating it may help you feel full for longer.Increase the portion of fruits in your meal.This could cause you to eat fewer calories and may even help you lose weight.
    However, eating fruit with or right before a meal may increase this effect. It could cause you to eat less of another, higher-calorie food on your plate.
  6. Enjoy your meal:
    We have been trained to enjoy outside fancy restaurant food.The taste of the food is limited to the tongue, but the rest of the body requires nutritious food. Whenever you sit back to eat your meal, consider that you are nourishing your body.The following will enhance your eating habit:
    – Cook and eat in good mood.
    – Feel the taste of food.
    – Soft and relaxing music.
    – No Multitasking while eating.
    – Sit at a real table while eating.
    – Don’t hurry.
  7. Gift your body with basic exercise:
    We hardly indulge in physical activity because of immense work pressure or laziness. We don’t have to hit the gym to stay fit.Simple everyday exercise will keep you fit.
    – Take steps instead of the elevator.
    – A brisk walk for half an hour.
    – Do jumping jacks.
    – Swimming.
    – Cycling.
    – Go for a trecking in your weekend.
  8. Sound Sleep :
    Sleep is important to a number of brain functions, including how nerve cells (neurons) communicate with each other.Quality sleep at the right times is as essential to survival as food and water.Your sleep patterns change as you age, but this varies significantly across individuals of the same age.Babies initially sleep as much as 16 to 18 hours per day, which may boost growth and development.  School-age children and teens on average need about 9.5 hours of sleep per night.  Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night, but after age 60, nighttime sleep tends to be shorter, lighter and interrupted by multiple awakenings.

    Tips for getting sound sleep:
    – Set a schedule – go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
    – Avoid caffeine and nicotine late in the day and alcoholic drinks before bed.
    – Don’t lie in bed awake.  If you can’t get to sleep, do something else, like reading or listening to music, until you feel tired.
    – Create an ambience for sleeping by listening to light music, dimming the light and make your bed every day.

  9. Pattern to follow for Drinking water:
    Water is calorie-free and can aid in weight loss. It helps to flush toxins from your body and helps in digestion of food. We have come across so many benefits of drinking water, but there is a pattern in which we should drink water which most of us are not aware of it.

    Start your day with the increased amount of water. Before you start your first meal of the day, drink at least one big glass of water which will help in cleansing your body.In the midday, you can drink a good amount of water.At the end of the day, Decrease the amount of water.As the water intake in the evenings will cause water retention in your body leading to increased body weight.

    Your water intake pattern for the day should be like decreasing curve in the graph.Drink water half an hour before food and after having food, wait for half an hour and then drink water. This will help in digestion and weight loss.

  10. Use sticky notes in your kitchen to remember things :
    Always have sticky notes in your kitchen to remember these tips until it gets accustomed in your habit. Sticky notes remind you to follow the above instruction.

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Healthy Eating Vs Dieting

Hello Everyone. Overcoming so many fears to put forward my views on health, food, fashion and lifestyle, here I am with my very FIRST BLOG POST.

I grew up as a fluffy kid (that’s the term I prefer to use for being above average weight) and being a South Indian, I was fed with the good amount of South Indian Thali.

I lost the term “Healthy” when I entered my teens. In terms of hanging out with friends, I had a lot of junk and suddenly I realized that I was getting into the obese zone that struck me hard to put an end to my eating habits.

After that, there was so much of struggle to lose weight and eat healthily. People I met spoke about what I should eat and what I should not. There were so many opinions, for example. one would tell eating oranges was good to lose weight and the other one would tell it will lead to acidity and so on.

When I lost the hope of losing weight, I started searching answers for myself in so many speeches and websites. Gym trainer, Nutritionist and doctors advised me on the food habits that I need to follow. But until you listen to what your body really wants, you won’t see any changes.

“A Healthy Outside Starts
From The Inside”- Robert Urich

I am a firm believer in the thought that Beauty Outside is what you are from Inside.

It is not whether you are in size zero or you fit into a particular dress that will make you healthy.

It’s a lifestyle change that will make you feel healthy and stay fit.

People often get confused with healthy eating Vs Dieting. I am not going to give tips to lose weight. I am here to guide on staying healthy which is our long-term goal.

First of all, It is important to differentiate the concept of Healthy eating and dieting. This is not about eating a protein supplement or eating only protein-rich foods, it’s about how to change our lifestyle in a minimalistic way to stay healthy.

Dieting involves strict food pattern that can be followed only by particular age group for a particular period of time but healthy eating can be followed from toddler to granny for a long time. Diet seems to be strict and difficult to follow which makes us lose the track of it. Though diet gives faster results, once we stop following it, we end up putting more weight than we actually lost through dieting.

Also, There is a saying that if you follow a particular food pattern for 21 days, then your body gets accustomed to it. But this saying is not always true. To get into healthy eating, you need to change the food habits forever. This leads to healthy living.

6 Tips to follow to start healthy eating:

  1. Patience: Human body is designed in such a way that it takes time to accustom when you change your eating habits. Don’t hurry. Slowly change your eating habits.
  2. Strict Regime: Once you get into healthy eating, never back out. You are not going to lose anything but your weight. Even if you feel like munching those junk, go ahead and get back to this immediately.
  3. Have your full heart to follow this: Start loving what you eat.  You are eating to nourish your body.
  4. Stop counting calories: “Sweat is the Fat crying”. So start thinking about burning the calories rather than counting the calories you eat.
  5. Know what you eat: Keep a watch on what you eat for every meal. This will help you regulate your eating habit.
  6. Never Starve: Starving is not the solution to anything. Eat whenever you are hungry. Don’t let your stomach make those cranky sounds while you are hungry.

Check out my tips to be followed to lead a  healthy/clean eating in the link below:

10 Tips for Healthy and Clean eating habits

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