Healthy Eating Vs Dieting

Hello Everyone. Overcoming so many fears to put forward my views on health, food, fashion and lifestyle, here I am with my very FIRST BLOG POST.

I grew up as a fluffy kid (that’s the term I prefer to use for being above average weight) and being a South Indian, I was fed with the good amount of South Indian Thali.

I lost the term “Healthy” when I entered my teens. In terms of hanging out with friends, I had a lot of junk and suddenly I realized that I was getting into the obese zone that struck me hard to put an end to my eating habits.

After that, there was so much of struggle to lose weight and eat healthily. People I met spoke about what I should eat and what I should not. There were so many opinions, for example. one would tell eating oranges was good to lose weight and the other one would tell it will lead to acidity and so on.

When I lost the hope of losing weight, I started searching answers for myself in so many speeches and websites. Gym trainer, Nutritionist and doctors advised me on the food habits that I need to follow. But until you listen to what your body really wants, you won’t see any changes.

“A Healthy Outside Starts
From The Inside”- Robert Urich

I am a firm believer in the thought that Beauty Outside is what you are from Inside.

It is not whether you are in size zero or you fit into a particular dress that will make you healthy.

It’s a lifestyle change that will make you feel healthy and stay fit.

People often get confused with healthy eating Vs Dieting. I am not going to give tips to lose weight. I am here to guide on staying healthy which is our long-term goal.

First of all, It is important to differentiate the concept of Healthy eating and dieting. This is not about eating a protein supplement or eating only protein-rich foods, it’s about how to change our lifestyle in a minimalistic way to stay healthy.

Dieting involves strict food pattern that can be followed only by particular age group for a particular period of time but healthy eating can be followed from toddler to granny for a long time. Diet seems to be strict and difficult to follow which makes us lose the track of it. Though diet gives faster results, once we stop following it, we end up putting more weight than we actually lost through dieting.

Also, There is a saying that if you follow a particular food pattern for 21 days, then your body gets accustomed to it. But this saying is not always true. To get into healthy eating, you need to change the food habits forever. This leads to healthy living.

6 Tips to follow to start healthy eating:

  1. Patience: Human body is designed in such a way that it takes time to accustom when you change your eating habits. Don’t hurry. Slowly change your eating habits.
  2. Strict Regime: Once you get into healthy eating, never back out. You are not going to lose anything but your weight. Even if you feel like munching those junk, go ahead and get back to this immediately.
  3. Have your full heart to follow this: Start loving what you eat.  You are eating to nourish your body.
  4. Stop counting calories: “Sweat is the Fat crying”. So start thinking about burning the calories rather than counting the calories you eat.
  5. Know what you eat: Keep a watch on what you eat for every meal. This will help you regulate your eating habit.
  6. Never Starve: Starving is not the solution to anything. Eat whenever you are hungry. Don’t let your stomach make those cranky sounds while you are hungry.

Check out my tips to be followed to lead a  healthy/clean eating in the link below:

10 Tips for Healthy and Clean eating habits


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